Music - Classical

In early 2009, during one of my deployments to Kuwait, I found myself strongly re-engaging with classical music, an interest that has ebbed and flowed throughout my life. Upon my return, I began a new collection of classical recordings, accompanied by several useful books, including The Penguin Guide to Recorded Classical Music and The NPR Guide to Building a Classical CD Collection.

It might be worth a few words to explain why, at this late stage in the digital music revolution, I continue to purchase physical CDs. The simplest answer is that the price is just not much different. Unlike popular music, where one might purchase a few songs from any particular album, it would be rather odd to download a single movement from a symphony or concerto. Many discs are now so inexpensive that there are no savings at all for buying digital. Not to mention the benefits of owning the CD itself: a medium that is not subject to compressed encoding or DRM restrictions and that often comes with attractive and informative liner notes. And I can still get all the benefits of digital downloads by ripping the purchased CD to my hard drive and Ipod.

This is a gallery of my collection, sorted by the composer's last name (albums with works by multiple composers are sorted by the composer of the first piece on the disc).

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