The Month in Books - October 2009

At the start of 2009, I set a goal to read 30,000 pages by year's end. I am measuring progress in pages, rather than titles, to avoid last year's bias toward shorter books. Here's what I read in October:

  1. The Coming of the Third Reich - Richard Evans (review)
  2. Gentleman - Bernhard Roetzel (review)
  3. The Third Reich in Power - Richard Evans (review)
  4. Men's Style - Russell Smith (review)

Pages Read: 1,749
Year-to-Date: 30,189

October Classical CD Purchases

Considering the killing I made last month, I felt a more urgent sense that I should restrain myself to my original $25 per month budget in October. I had actually hoped to make it the whole month without any purchases, but good deals on a pair of recordings of Bach's Sonatas and Partitas made that impossible.

bach_sonatas_perlman.jpg bach_sonatas_szeryng.jpg

The first set was recorded by Itzhak Perlman, my favorite violinist (who I will see later tonight at a concert at the Fox Theatre). Though I attempted to order the discs through Amazon, the set has apparently gone out-of-print here in the States. Fortunately, Perlman's recording is still in-print in Britain, and Presto Classical happened to be having a sale on EMI's catalog; even with international shipping the price was right. The Szeryng I did get through Amazon, heavily discounted, and it makes the fifth recording I own of these pieces (alongside Perlman, Milstein, Mintz, and Grumiaux), cherished since I was introduced to them as a teenager by my violin teacher.