It's Been a While

As you've no doubt noticed, I haven't updated the blog in nearly a month. I don't have a good ready-made excuse, I just haven't found the energy or interest in sharing my thoughts in this forum lately. With the multitude of changes upcoming, namely leaving Atlanta to begin four years of active duty service as an Army JAG officer, it's hard to predict what place this blog will have. And without that certainty, it has been difficult to figure out what I wanted to be doing with the blog in the meantime.

Being an attorney, any attorney, means blogging about your work is often a stupid thing to do. Being an Army officer adds another layer of complexity to that analysis. I may find that this blog begins to play an even more important role in my life as an avenue for discussing my non-professional pursuits. Or it may fail to serve any function at all. Only time will tell. For now, expect a couple months of relative (or total) silence. I've got less than a month to wrap up my affairs here, and spend time with my wife. And then I'll be spending most of January at FT Lee, Virginia, and don't anticipate the opportunity to spend much of that time online. When I get to Charlottesville at the end of January for my ten weeks of training at the Army JAG School, I may have something to say.

Until then, enjoy your lives.