2017 Reading Goals

bookstack.jpgSince I embarked on my Great Books Project thirteen years ago, my life has been enhanced in immeasurable ways by a renewed devotion to reading. Well, not entirely immeasurable, since I have kept track of every book I have read since 2003 (885 through 2016).

In 2016, I kept my goal at 30,000 pages, after several years of either exceeding or coming close to that ambitious goal. But 2016 turned out quite differently, after I became virtually obsessed with the presidential election (and its aftermath). I also started taking better care of my body, going to the gym four mornings a week before work, but this substantially cut down on my available reading time. It's hard to regret this commitment to my health, which I expect to continue into new year. As such, while still trying to improve on last year's reading, I will lower my goal to a more realistic level:

I will read 20,000 pages in 2017.

Here's to another wonderful year of reading!